Llama & Alpaca Sweaters

Alpaca Sweaters:

We've found the style and selection of alpaca sweaters at Alpaca Boutique to be quite good, so we felt we'd share them with everyone here.

Here's a little about the company:

Our founder, Elizabeth Gels, was born and raised in Peru where she first learned to appreciate and respect the Alpaca as a symbol of the Andes. Years after she established her home in the United States, she never forgot the beauty of the Alpaca and its incredible fibers. The brands you find at Alpaca Boutique were inspired by fashion and created with the expertise of an ancient textile tradition. These manufacturers respect the environment, conserve the species and provide critical support to the communities where they operate.

It's that type of passion, and respect towards the enviornment we respect. Here's a sample sweater from their most recent collection: