Llama & Alpaca Wool and Fiber

Alpaca Wool & Fiber:
Typically referred to as alpaca wool, alpaca fiber is an amazingly resilient substance which is suprisingly strong. Contained within two different layers on the alpaca, the fiber is quite easy to care for and tends to last for long periods of time.

The color combinations for alpaca wool run the gamut, and are separated into 22 unique categories ranging from deep auburns, soft grays, saturated blacks and browns, whites, and earth-toned shades of peach. Alpaca fiber is also known to hold dyed colors quite well, for color combinations that don't occur naturally.

Being a hollow core fiber, alpaca wool is an effective insulator during the winter, and breathes effectively to keep you cool in the warmer months. In addition, alpaca fiber is hypo-allergenic, making it an attractive alternative for sensitive skin consumers.

Llama Wool & Fiber:
The Llama, similar to the alpaca, contains two coats, one being a soft billowy undercoat which protects from heat and cold, and the second, which is typically refered to as 'guard-hair', which protectant layer which sheds debris and rain/moisture.

The fine undercoat is typically used for finer garments, while the rougher texture outer coat tends to be used for rugs and ropes.

Similar to alpaca fiber, llama wool is also hollow core, which makes it quite strong and effective for producing products which require a longer shelf life.